Indispensable Features to Engage and collaborate your workforce better

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Broadcast Information

Share the most recent or future happenings about the company to all stakeholders.

Share News

Share news about a new initiative or goal relevant to the company and culture.

Set Up Polls

Schedule and run event-related polls to hear out from your workforce.

Say Kudos

Recognize employee achievements and appreciate them to improve engagement.

Enable Quick Link

Enable your workforce to access frequently used pages with a collection of links.

Run Surveys

Schedule and run online surveys to ensure employee engagement and satisfaction.

List Events – Holidays

Display the list of events and holidays for the month or the quarter.

Include Key Contacts

List critical contacts of peers with information to contact whenever needed.

Display Social Feed

Share the most recent feeds from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with colleagues.

Add Birthdays, Fresher Lists, And Anniversaries

Include employee birthdays, anniversaries, and new joiners list to celebrate.

Schedule Leadership Speaking

Schedule leadership speaking to share the leader’s most recent opinions or actions.

Showcase Photo - Video Gallery

Display the memorable moments of employee photos and videos in the gallery.

Award Workforce

Appreciate and award the best employee of the quarter for improving morale.

Create Policies & Procedures

Create and list procedures to company values and ethics with the workforce.

List FAQs

Add a set of FAQs to help the workforce answer common queries instantly.